Blue Guard Security Solution

  • Real-time intrusion alert Unmanned security system
  • Use 3G/LTE usim for internet, no need line phone
  • Intrusion detection SMS text message, real-time notification by phone
  • Ability to edit text messages, phone voice messages
  • Ability to specify alarm and text message recipients
  • Banks, Offices, Factories, etc.

Blue Card - Biometric Fingerprint ID Card

Vehicles Tracking & Monitoring System

IBS ( Intelligent Building System)

  • Room Conference System
  • Cabling Management System
  • Light Control System
  • Surveillance System
  • Audio/Video Management System
  • Main Control System
  • IP PBX (IP-Phone) System
  • Parking Management System
  • Facility Management System
  • Building Guide System
  • Entry/Exit Control System
  • UPS System

M&E (Mechanical & Electrical)

Network Infra, M&E Engineering

  • Office, Factory Network System
  • Wireless Network System
  • Server room configure hardware, software integrated solution
  • IP PBX interphone
  • OA device purchasing & Maintenance
  • CCTV System
  • PA (Public Announcement) system
  • M&E Engineering

IT Outsourcing

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Network Device System
  • Network Security System
  • Wireless Network System
  • Integrated Operations Management

Retail Sales

  • Retail Sales of IT Devices & Equipment for Business Office
  • Retail Sales of Integrated Network Devices & Equipment for Network Operation System
  • Retail Sales of IP PBX Devices
  • Retail Sales of CCTV cameras & DVRs
  • Retail Sales of Sensors & Security Devices